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A lot of people hire me to help them get their podcast off the ground so made this page to list many podcast tools. If you need assistance with getting your podcast off the ground and need podcast coaching contact me at podcast@mercedbranding.com

Podcast Hosting Services

A Listing of services that can help host your podcast


Free Platform that allows you to upload unlimited episodes of unlimited length. Includes built in distribution and monetization.


Free Account allows up to 2 hours of audio per month with episodes deleted after 90 days. Get 3 hours with no deletion starting at $12/hour.

Seriously Simple Podcasting

Free Wordpress Plug that allows you to create as many podcasts as you want. Great if you have a hosted wordpress install.


Free service with purchasable upgrades (analytics, ad removal). Can record and host unlimited time.


Free package allows you to upload up to 5 hours of footage each month. Higher end packages even allow multiple podcasts to form podcast networks.


Classic service that is the home of many podcasts. Cheapest tier is $5/month to upload up to 50mb of content per month.


For $20/mo upload unlimited content with robust analytic and distribution tools.


For free you can upload up to 5 hours per month up to 15 minute live episodes. Like Anchor.fm has a mobile app that makes doing podcasting on the go easier


While usually a service for sharing music, can be used for podcasting. For can only upload a max of 3 hours total, but for $12 a month you can upload unlimited amounts.


Unlimited everything for $19/month with other advanced features included.


You can upload all you want for $10 month. It has a special audio stitching feature which is limited to 5 hours worth per month in the $10 package.


$12/mo for basic package which is unlimited. Has special features for podcast networks to allow monitoring of all shows while allowing individual show hosts to manage their own shows as well.

Free Podcasting Advice

Below you'll find the old episodes of my retired podcast , "Podcasting and Vlogging: Tips and Tricks". Subscribe to my newer podcast, "Podcast and Vlogging School" on iTunes/Stitcher/Spotify/Google Play for even more advice.

Podcast Hosting

Podcast Recording

Syndicating Your Podcast

The Content of Your Podcast

T-Shirt Monetization


Other Hosts


Telling Stories

Action Items

Social Lockers


Podcast Directories

Below you'll find the pages you need to submit your podcast to all the major podcast directories. Also make sure to take your podcast audio and make a video from it to post on youtube, facebook and instagram TV for maximum reach.



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