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Alex Merced - Branding Coach

Alex Merced has been involved in many projects in finance, politics and geek culture over the years that have sharpened his skills in every aspect of developing a brand, developing brand assets and maintaining them. Contact Alex Merced today for a FREE consultation to discuss how he can help you achieve your personal and professional goals by developing your brand.

Also make sure to check out his youtube channel where you can find several media pieces with Branding advice, personal development tips and podcasting know how. Allow Alex to help you make greater impact on the world around you by discovering your message and using the tools available to get it out into the world.

Email: Alex@MercedBranding.com

Services Provided

Logo Design

Brand Development

Brand Strategy Development

Strategy Implementation

Social Media Management

Online Marketing Training

Podcast and Youtube Media Production Support

Coaching and Team Management

The Right Solution

Alex Merced can help develop, implement your next branding effort or train/coach your team to better execute your existing effort. With a free consultation, Alex can assess what your goals and needs are and design a custom solution just for you. Email Alex at Alex@MercedBranding.com today!